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Preparing Your Deck for Winter

Take a good look at your deck and check for any areas that need attention. You may have rough spots, splinters, cracked boards, or boards that need replacing. Clean -. Regardless of the condition, the first step is to give it a good cleaning with a pressure washer or a cleaning product made for wood […]

Prepare Your Lawn Now for Next Spring

You may be tired of mowing and welcoming the dormant winter lawn, but if you want a healthy, green, lush lawn next year, there are some things you need to do now. Mowing At this time of year, late summer and fall, grasses are storing up energy, moisture, and nutrients to keep them going through […]

Using Raised Beds in the Garden

Now is the time to start thinking about building raised flower and vegetable beds for next year. Building the beds is fairly simple and can be done in a couple of hours. The best size is either 3’X8’ or 4’X8’ or if you have the space 10-12 feet long side boards. Use 2” thick lumber. […]

Planting Perennial Seeds in Milk Jugs

Start saving your gallon milk jugs so you can plant perennial seeds for next spring. Here’s how it works. The clean milk jug acts like a mini-greenhouse for plants that drop their seeds in fall. These seeds, which in nature lay under the leaves and snow, need the cold period to germinate (cold stratification). You […]

Using a Food Dehydrator to Preserve Food

A food dehydrator uses low heat and air flow to reduce the water content of food. This method helps retain nutrients, allows for longer storage, and inhibits many kinds of bacteria. Use the Right Temperature The drying time required for different foods varies depending on the water content of the food.The dehydrator will tell you […]

Preserving Food by Fermentation

Basically, fermenting is a process where the starches and sugars in food are converted into lactic acid by the bacteria lactobacilli. This process gives the foods their unique sour smell and flavor and makes them nutritive super foods. Sauerkraut is prepared by a process called fermentation. Years ago, ceramic crocks were used to ferment the […]

Freezing Fresh Produce

Freezing fresh produce from your garden or a farmers market is a quick and convenient way to preserve healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables to feed your family all winter. Freezing soon after harvest maintains the highest quality and maximum nutritional value of your produce. When you consider that produce you buy in the store may […]

The First Word in Canning is Safety

What fun to pick fresh vegetables and fruits from your garden and know you can put away enough food to last your family all through the winter. There are four major ways to preserve food:  canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting, but we’re just going to talk about canning today. Preserving – When preserving food, safety […]

Different Kinds of Ladders

Every household where some DIY projects take place needs some kind of ladder whether it is a small step stool in the kitchen or utility room or a tall ladder to paint the ceiling or change a lightbulb, or something tall enough to reach the roof. Ladders were originally made of wood, then evolved into […]

Does Your Kitchen Include a Baking Stone?

Also called a pizza stone, a baking stone is a useful piece of kitchen equipment that can be ceramic, unglazed quarry tiles, or stone. Originally created to cook pizza like it had been cooked in a pizza oven, the stone absorbs water and helps crisp up the crust. It provides even heat and doesn’t burn […]