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The First Word in Canning is Safety

What fun to pick fresh vegetables and fruits from your garden and know you can put away enough food to last your family all through the winter. There are four major ways to preserve food:  canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting, but we’re just going to talk about canning today. Preserving – When preserving food, safety […]

Adding Character to Your Home

Wainscoting is adding material to walls to create an effect and set a mood or design style. It was originally used to protect plaster walls from chair backs and boots, but has evolved into a decorative element today. Regardless of whether your style is traditional, beachy, rustic, or modern, there is something to express this […]

Using Coffee Grounds on Plants

Used coffee grounds, those already brewed, can benefit your plants. Brewed coffee grounds sprinkled around your plants add organic material, aerate the soil and help retain water. Fresh Coffee Grounds Coffee grounds added fresh from the can add acid to the soil, but is only good for acid loving plants like hydrangea, lilies, blueberries, and […]

Making Vegetable Pasta with a Spiralizer

The spiralizer comes in different forms from a hand-held unit that you must put the vegetable in and twist, a ball jar with a cutter in the lid, and the machine that holds the vegetable and a handle to turn so the machine blade cuts the spirals (this one has multiple blades for different size […]

Pruning Tomato and Pepper Plants

This may sound like a strange concept if you’ve never done it, but pruning tomato and pepper plants in the next few weeks as they grow lots of new foliage will help prevent problems later in the season. Let in More Light One reason to prune is to let more light reach the inner branches […]

Using Ground Cover Plants in the Landscape

Plants that grow densely and leave very little dirt open for weed seeds to invade serve several purposes.  You don’t have to mow this area. It may be an area where grass won’t grow and you have only bare soil. Ground covers can also be used in place of grass for an interesting, even unusual […]

How to Water The Garden

How to water gardens may seem like a “duh” comment, but if plants are watered too much, too little, or at the wrong time they can be damaged, stressed, or killed. Best Times to Water – The best times to water are in the morning before the sun gets too hot, or in the evening […]

Storing the Garden Hose

Garden hoses are the most awkward, twisty, annoying things ever made, but they are also a necessity, so let’s look at some ways to store them that will keep them close to where we want them, but keep them curled up and off the lawn. Hose House – One of the easiest things I think […]

Learn More About Chenille and Shaggies

Chenille yarn was developed in the 1830s by weaving tufts of colored wool into a blanket that was cut into strips then heat treated to create the frizz. This fuzzy fabric was called chenille and was made into shawls and later carpets. By the 1920s, a cottage industry took shape in Northern Georgia. Textile manufacturers […]