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Maintaining Power Tools

When my chop saw started smoking with every cut, I figured it needed some attention. The deck was difficult to move because of sawdust buildup in the slide mechanism and I’m sure the blade needs to be replaced. But, I didn’t have a clue how to fix these things, so I did a little digging. […]

Types of Screws

There are hundreds of styles and sizes of screws, but here is some basic information about some of the most commonly used by the DIYer. Screw heads can have mainly slotted, Phillips, star, or square grooves as well other heads for specific purposes. All require different screw drivers or bits that attach to the driver. […]

How to Harden off Seedlings

Plants grown from seed indoors need to be introduced to the outdoor world of sun, wind and cold nights gradually. Setting them out without hardening off can damage them beyond repair. You can think about moving them outside for a few hours a day when the daytime temperatures are above 40 degrees, but bring them […]

Choosing the Right Tree or Shrub

Where to Plant Trees. In considering a location for your tree or shrub, consider the space you have available. If you want a tree that grows 25 feet or less, it needs to be planted at least 8 feet from your house and a tree that grows over 35 feet needs to be at least […]

Lawn and Garden Tool Maintenance

Mowers. Gasoline powered mowers need a checkup to keep them running smoothly through the season. Disconnect the spark plug first to make it safer to work on the mower. Next remove any leftover gasoline which can become stale and negatively affect the carburetor. Drain the oil and replace with fresh oil and a new air […]

When to Move Plants into the Garden

Just before seedlings grown indoors are ready to transplant into their final garden spot, you will need to gradually introduce them to the outside environment. Move them outside on a mild, preferably cloudy day and let them sit in the shade each day until they become accustomed to the wind and weather. Keep exposing them […]

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Winter weather can alter the pH of your soil and make an attractive home for weeds and disease. If you are happy with your lawn, a light raking could be all that you need to do. Rake up any leaves left over from fall, chop them into smaller pieces and use in the compost bin […]

Potting Up Seedlings

The first leaves that appear on seedlings after germination are called Cotyledons. These Cotyledons provide food and nutrition for the sprouting seedling. Two more leaves will appear after the Cotyledons that will look more like the plants’ normal leaves and are called “true leaves”. The Cotyledons will eventually fall off as the seedling can now […]

Growing Seedlings Under Lights

You can germinate seeds and grow plants under lights anywhere in your house or basement where it is warm. Most seeds need 60 -70 degrees to germinate. A group of friends rented a small greenhouse and we started our seeds there before moving them to the basement, but you can start seeds under these lights […]

Different Kinds of Mulch

Most people think of mulch as that black, brown or red stuff made from wood chips and artificially colored. I admit, I have used the black stuff myself because I like the look, especially for walkways. However, these chips take a long time to break down. This may be an advantage if you are using […]