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Ball Jars Are Not Just for Canning Anymore

Back in the day, when I saw Ball canning jars in the store, I just passed on by because I didn’t grow enough to can anything. My Aunt Marilyn used to can tomato juice that was to die for and I always wanted to try it but never grew enough tomatoes. This year, I have […]

Check Out the New Noodle Machine

There’s a recent trend in cutting vegetables to look like noodles, called Zoodles. They are most often used for making zucchini spirals for those who prefer their spaghetti noodles to be of the non-carb variety. Tools There are hand-held tools that you insert the zucchini into and twist and the spirals come out the end […]

Planting and Growing Strawberries

If you haven’t planted strawberries yet, you may still have time, especially if you plant Everbearing Strawberries which bear fruit all summer. The key to success with any plant is the soil. Prepare your strawberry bed by mixing in a good amount of compost and turn it into the existing soil with a shovel to […]

Choosing Grass Seed

If you plan to spread grass seed, there are a few considerations to explore in selecting which seed to use. Kentucky Bluegrass – is recommended for Montana because of the hot summers and cold winters. It is a fine textured grass but is slow to germinate. It tolerates light shade and some drought. It is […]

Need a New Grill? Which One Fits Your Needs?

Today there are exciting new developments in barbeque grills. Let’s explore some of the choices if you’re thinking of buying a new grill. Charcoal Grill – maybe you just like to go into the backyard and fire up some charcoal briquets occasionally. If you don’t have charcoal or something to ignite it, you may have […]

Planting a Salsa Garden

If you like chips and salsa, hot or mild, or Mexican food, it’s great fun to have a garden plot right outside your kitchen door that contains all the ingredients for the best salsa. Fresh is always delicious and with these ingredients and a nifty food processor you can have salsa all the time and […]

Create Spots of Interest in Your Landscape

It’s all well and good to have a beautiful lawn, but it’s also nice to have some spots of interest in several places along your foundation and out in the yard. Yes, I know, the person mowing the grass will probably complain about beds in the middle of the lawn, but consider how pleasant it […]

What Kind of String Trimmer Do You Need?

String trimmers come in all different shapes and sizes. When purchasing a new one, consider how often you use it and whether you want to hassle with gas fired trimmers, or the ease of electric trimmers, or cordless, battery powered ones. Gas Fired Trimmers – Gas fired trimmers have 4-cylinder engines, need a mix of […]

Flowering Plants for Shade

Just because you have mostly shade in your yard, it doesn’t mean you can’t have colorful plants that bloom in this environment. Most of the shade plants have very interesting foliage that ranges in color from lime to deep blue green and by mixing these plants, you create a very pleasing landscape even when they […]

Continuous Color in Your Landscape

The goal of many gardeners is to have something blooming in the landscape all season. Planting annuals every year achieves this, but it’s nice to also have perennial plants that come back every year. The problem is, most perennials have a short bloom time. The resolution to this problem is to plant perennials that have […]