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Repairing Holes in Drywall

 Repairing Small Holes and Dents Small holes and dents can be filled with fast drying  joint compound if you have some on hand. Clean the surface and remove any debris from the hole. Fill the hole and smooth over with a putty knife or drywall knife. The less  joint compound you leave on the wall […]

When to Plant Seeds

Cool Weather Plants – Some vegetables are considered cool weather plants because they thrive in the cool temperatures before last spring frost and after first fall frost. They also will bolt (go to seed and become bitter) in too much heat (spinach and lettuces). Some cool weather plants such as herbs (chives, dill, thyme, parsley) […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Seedlings need light, water, and warmth. Materials You can grow seeds in any number of small containers from nursery seed trays, egg cartons, any shallow plastic dishes, peat pots, paper cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towels, newspaper pots, to small paper cups. Some very nice reusable seed starting kits are available at your […]

Which Saw Do I Use?

I have been doing remodeling and building projects for years. Knowing I liked to DIY around the house, people started giving me tools for birthdays and Christmas and I built up quite a collection, even though I am still an amateur. I have and use an extensive variety of saws. Table Saw Although it scares […]

Closet Tool Storage

Tired of running out to the garage every time you need a tape measure, hammer, or screwdriver?  Why not turn an unused cupboard or closet into convenient tool storage in the house? Select the area most central in your house and look for a spot to build your project. A cupboard  about 36 in. wide, 26 […]

Flowers For Shade

Light Shade – Light shade might be a morning sun/afternoon shade situation or the reverse. Since afternoon sun areas will be hotter for longer, there are different plants for each area. These are all perennials (they come back another year). Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade Hostas make great plants for this light. Some new hostas have been […]

It’s Time to Think Vegetables

March is the perfect time to look through gardening books for ideas on what varieties of vegetables you want to plant this year. With your list in hand, you will be ready to get started  when seeds are available at your local garden center or a little later when seedling plants come in. Knowing what […]

What Mixers are in Your Kitchen?

There are all kinds of mixers in the kitchen and you may have all of them if you are a serious cook. Most cooks have a few, depending on what they cook.   The queen of the kitchen is the stand mixer. It’s really fun to dump ingredients into the bowl and let the machine […]

Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a pantry, these ideas will help you get organized and stop spending time hunting for items you need. Getting organized also saves you money because you can see at a glance what you have and avoid buying more of something that was hiding.  These ideas work just as […]

IT’s Time to Plant Pepper Seeds Indoors

Peppers are slow to germinate, so it is essential to start the seeds early. Billings and surrounding area are in Zone 4b with an average last frost date of May 15-31.  Pepper seeds need to be started 8-10 weeks before the planting date. However, the more critical date for peppers is the date the soil […]