Home Tool Kit

The kit in the picture above came in a pink and black satchel with pink handled tools, but you can find generic kits, and also pick up each piece individually. Sets of screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and more can even be found in pockets that will hang up on pegboard.

So, what might be included in a basic tool kit.

Box Cutter – or also known as a retractable blade knife – this little tool is handy for all kinds of cutting jobs like opening packages, cutting vinyl flooring, marking cut lines, cutting tape, cord, strapping or cardboard.

Self-Retracting Tape Measure – Around the house you might need to measure windows for coverings, measure the square feet of a room for carpet, measure the size of a box for mailing or measure the length and width of a piece of furniture.

Set of Miniature Screwdrivers – These might be needed to adjust screws in a pair of glasses, open a watch to replace the battery, or adjust something on a sewing machine. The set pictured above has two sizes of pointed punches.

Screwdriver Handle with Replaceable Bits – This is a handy tool as the bits are changeable and you can have a Phillips bit, various sizes of flat bits, star and square bits. The driver also comes with a ratcheting handle that turns itself instead of you having to turn the driver.

Pliers – These come in many sizes and uses. Some pliers come with flat jaws, others have cutting jaws, some for working with electric. Needle-nose pliers are handy for getting into and grabbing items in small spaces.

Wrenches – These, like pliers come in various styles and sizes. There are great sets of wrenches with pockets for each wrench and ability to hang it from peg board. There is an open-end wrench, box-end wrench, combination wrench, adjustable wrenches, socket wrenches and pipe wrenches.

Hammer – The most common for household use is the claw hammer. You might need to pull nails out of baseboard, hang pictures, use a small ball-peen hammer to attach picture wire.  Hammers have wooden, metal or padded handles.

Level – The kit above came with a small level which is useful for leveling pictures, shelves, and any small wood piece you might be making. Sizes range from 9 inches to 78 inches.