What Kind of String Trimmer Do You Need?

String trimmers come in all different shapes and sizes. When purchasing a new one, consider how often you use it and whether you want to hassle with gas fired trimmers, or the ease of electric trimmers, or cordless, battery powered ones.

Gas Fired Trimmers – Gas fired trimmers have 4-cylinder engines, need a mix of oil and fuel, and can be temperamental to start. They have a pull cord and it takes a good strong arm to pull the cord. If your yard is larger than 100 X 100 ft, the gas trimmer may be your best choice.

Electric Trimmers – Electric trimmers are more convenient and less trouble to start than gas trimmers, but you are tethered to the electric cord. If your yard is smaller and a 100-foot, 12-gauge cord will reach all areas, then this is a lighter, more reliable choice. These are the lightest trimmers.

Battery Powered Trimmers – this model gives you the most flexibility and will work whether your yard is large or small. However, you do have the limitation of the length of charge, so when buying batteries for these trimmers, make sure the battery will give you the time you need to finish your job, or buy two batteries so you have a backup and don’t have to stop and wait for a recharge. One other advantage of battery power is that the battery may be interchangeable with other yard tools of the same brand.

Lengths of Trimmer Shafts – the length you need will depend on how tall and strong you are because the longer the shaft, the heavier the trimmer is. It is important to use a trimmer that feels comfortable and doesn’t put stress on your back to use it. Shafts come in various lengths and an adjustable handle will put the weight in the best spot for a comfortable grip.

Straight or Curved Shafts – a curved shaft is easier to maneuver and control, but puts the trimmer head closer to your feet. It may also put the least stress on our back. A straight shaft works well if you are tall or strong and can handle the weight and vibration of this type trimmer.

When shopping for a string trimmer, be sure to hold it and examine it carefully to get the one right for you and your yard.