Need a New Grill? Which One Fits Your Needs?

Today there are exciting new developments in barbeque grills. Let’s explore some of the choices if you’re thinking of buying a new grill.

Charcoal Grill – maybe you just like to go into the backyard and fire up some charcoal briquets occasionally. If you don’t have charcoal or something to ignite it, you may have to run to the store before dinner. These grills are often small, bowl shaped pans with a lid and a small grill, limiting how much food you can cook at one time. They do, however, offer better flavor than a gas grill. Drawbacks include needing to keep them away from anything flammable and it takes time to get the fire up to temperature. But they work very well for the sometime griller.

Electric Grills – If it’s grill flavor you crave, the electric grill may not be for you as it provides the least flavor of the four grills here. It does have redeeming features though. It heats up quickly and doesn’t need any additional fuel, just plug it in. It also fits in small places like balconies or back stoops.

Gas Grills – This baby is what most people buy today, because it’s convenient, versatile, provides good flavor and heats very quickly. The gas grill comes with all kinds of additional conveniences like rotisserie kits, multiple burners and many other features.  There are some drawbacks here too, like needing to place them away from any structures and they can be clumsy to move around. Plus you have to use natural or bottled gas.  But, if you have plenty of space this grill may be for you.

Pellet Grills – If it’s a true hardwood flavor you love, then this grill is worth checking out. It burns hardwood pellets that come in lots of flavors. Pellet grills come in different designs from a capsule look to a smoker type with a chimney and there’s even a pig shaped grill. One advantage is that you can also use this grill as a smoker. The grill area is generous and the price is comparable to gas grills. This grill provides consistently even heat too. Depending on the model you select, just set the temperature and walk away.