Choosing Grass Seed

If you plan to spread grass seed, there are a few considerations to explore in selecting which seed to use.

Kentucky Bluegrass – is recommended for Montana because of the hot summers and cold winters. It is a fine textured grass but is slow to germinate. It tolerates light shade and some drought. It is a good grass to use if the lawn gets a lot of use. It may go dormant and turn brown during times of drought and in winter.

Fine Fescue – this species includes creeping red, and hard fescue. They develop a deep root system and require less fertilizer. Often mixed with Kentucky Bluegrass. These are shorter grasses with medium germination time but good shade tolerance. Performs well where summers are too hot and winters too cold for other grasses. It likes to spread out and claim more territory rather than bunching together.

Buffalo Grass – this is a native grass that supported the Buffalos on the plains and provided sod for early settlers to build their houses. It tolerates extreme temperatures very well. It spreads by surface runners and forms a fine textured, somewhat thin turf with a soft blue-green color. It doesn’t work well for shade or heavy traffic areas. It is very drought tolerant and doesn’t mind heavy clay.