Storing the Garden Hose

Garden hoses are the most awkward, twisty, annoying things ever made, but they are also a necessity, so let’s look at some ways to store them that will keep them close to where we want them, but keep them curled up and off the lawn.

Hose House – One of the easiest things I think I have used is a small box with a handle on the side, a hose connection and drain hose outside, and a wheel inside that runs on the water trapped in the hose when you turn off the water. You hook up a hose at the spigot then hook the other end to the box. You initially wind the new hose onto the wheel with the handle, then when you turn the water on and pull the hose out to use, all you have to do is give the hose a short tug when you’re ready to put It away and the water in it pulls it back into the box and onto the wheel.

Hose Cart – This handy cart is similar to the Hose House, but you have to use the handle to crank the hose back onto the wheel after using. The hose cart is an actual cart that you can move around. You attach one end of the hose to the spigot then the other end to the cart so water flows into the longer hose you have wound on the wheel. This one is convenient because you can move it around if you have a large area to water, but it too requires two hoses.

Hose Hanger – This little plastic or metal device hangs on the side of the building and you can wind the hose onto it and keep it off the lawn. It may take a little time to wind a 100 ft. hose onto the hanger, but it does keep it out of the way.

Hose Bowl – This can be a large galvanized tub, a wooden barrel, or a large flower pot. The idea is to wind the hose into the container to keep it out of sight and ready for use the next time. All you have to do is give it a tug and it should roll right out of the container.

Watering Trough – This type of hose holder looks good and hides the hose inside. One of these small four ft. troughs is inexpensive and will hold a very long hose.  You would need to put a few drainage holes in the bottom and put a couple of inches of rock in it and you are read to curl up your hose.