Winter Projects

Now that the holidays are ending, it’s time to think about all those little projects that you didn’t have time to finish before. With all the snow outside, you can spend time inside nice and warm and paint those rooms that are needing a refresh, or fix that leaky faucet, or maybe you just need to declutter.


Go through your house room by room and collect all the little things you haven’t used in more than a year. Donate them to a thrift store. Clean out your closets of clothes that you don’t like or never wear. This’ll make room for new clothes. Purchase storage bins to store what you can’t part with.

Pick Out Paint Colors

You probably have some rooms that need refreshing, so get down to the hardware store and bring home some paint samples. Don’t be afraid to paint large areas on the walls as paint swatches may look different than the actual paint on the wall. Live with the color patches for a while and check them out at different times of the day. How do you feel when you look at the colors? Bedroom colors should make you relax and feel like smiling.

Organize Your Attic or Storage Shed

Throwing everything in a storage space just makes for frustration when you need something. You can hang things on pegboard, build shelves to store bins, and label everything. You’ll be putting away the Christmas decorations, so they can go in an out of the way place to be pulled out again next year. Using special colored bins for each season’s decorations will make finding everything easier when it’s time to bring it out.


Check your bathrooms for chipped tubs or cracked toilets. Now is a great time to update the bathrooms and repair or replace these items. Maybe you need new towel bars and tissue holders. The sinks could probably use new faucets, too. Take this time to spruce up your bathrooms for the new year.

It will be soon enough before you have to spend most of your time in the garden, so take advantage of these winter months to get all your inside honey-dos completed.