Spring Cleaning With Storage Bins

It may not seem like it with all the snow we’ve had lately, but spring is right around the corner. In our grandparent’s day, many people welcomed spring with a thorough house cleaning. Wood and coal heating systems left dust and smells on all the fabric in the house and the savvy housekeeper wanted to wash the curtains, beat the rugs, and wash the walls.

Let the Air In

Today, we have much more efficient heating systems, but it is still nice to open the windows and let the air flow through the house. It’s also nice to do our modern version of spring cleaning and plow through all the clutter that has accumulated over the winter. Organizing the clutter and packing away winter things is a good way to accomplish that task.

Storage Bins

Storage bins fill this purpose very nicely. Totes and clear bins stack neatly, take up less space, and if they’re see through, you know what is in them without having to search through them. Bins allow you to store like items together so they’re easier to find when you need them and they stack neatly, decreasing the amount of floor space needed.

Sort the Stuff

To get started, gather everything you want to store in one place. Next, sort it by purpose: kitchen items, extra clothes, craft supplies, games, DVDs, fabrics and sewing supplies, etc. Go through all of this stuff and separate out what you haven’t used or worn in more than a year and donate to charity or sell it online.

Pack the Bins

Determine the sizes of bin you need for the supplies that made the cut, and make a trip to the hardware store for your bins. Now you’re ready to start packing the bins. Once you’ve organized and packed all the things you want to keep, place labels on each bin identifying its contents. This will make finding things next time very easy.

Stack the bins in their storage areas and enjoy your clutter free house again, knowing that you will be able to find things when they are needed again.