Garden Tool Series – Shovels

A digging shovel is the only one that I have and I use it for everything, but I recently learned about other shovels that do some jobs better.

Digging Shovel

The digging shovel is a good all around shovel for lawn and garden work and comes in a long or short-handled version. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for digging, planting, cutting sod, and getting through small roots. Most have a flat surface at the top for applying enough pressure to go deep.

Trenching Shovel

 The trenching shovel has a narrow V-shaped blade that is good for cleaning out and digging narrow trenches or digging planting rows for seeds.

Transfer Shovel

 The transfer or scoop shovel has a wide, deep, square blade that scoops up more material than the digging shovel.  If you are moving gravel, compost, rocks, mulch, sand or other large quantities of material, this is the shovel for you.

Nursery Spade

The nursery spade has a long narrow blade with a flat edge that is good for digging plants growing in the ground. The flat blade allows you to cut straight down beside the plant without cutting into the roots.

Root Slayer Shovel


This interesting shovel has a wide topped, narrow tipped, long blade with saw-toothed sides, very useful for cutting sod and roots. The sharpened, inverted V cutting blade and specially designed root-cutting rip-saw teeth can make quick work of cutting through roots. It’s also useful for dividing perennials and digging holes for new plants.

This whole month, we will talk about different garden tools, so stay tuned.