Garden Tool Series – Rakes

The are several styles of rakes that perform different jobs. Whether you want to pick up leaves, level the soil, spread rocks or mulch, or smooth out the garden for planting, there is a rake that will make the job go faster.

Bow Rake

The bow rake, comes with varying numbers of tines spaced about 3/8 of an inch apart. The flat head holds the tines, looks like a giant comb, and is very useful for smoothing out soil, spreading rocks or mulch, or raking up small twigs and tree limbs from the grass.

Shrub Rake

The shrub rake is a very handy smaller version of the leaf rake, but the tines are thinner and closer together. It is very useful for raking between shrubs, between plants in a flower bed, or raking debris from around closely planted vegetables. It will also help spread mulch in these areas.

Leaf Rake

Leaf Rake – also known as a fan rake, this tool has multiple tines spaced fairly close together that curve on the ends to grab the leaves.  It is fan shaped and comes in sizes up to 30 inches wide at the widest part of the fan.  These rakes can be made of plastic, metal or bamboo.

The leaf rake’s unique curved tips grab a large number of leaves and can pick up a rake full of leaves to put them into whatever container you are using. The leaf rake is also useful when raking out ground cover beds or raking stones or debris from trees out of flower beds or walkways.

Hand-Held Rakes

These hand-held rakes are very useful when working in higher raised beds or reaching between plants where a larger rake won’t go. They have different tine configurations and handle sizes, and are usually about the size of a trowel. These rakes should definitely be included in your lawn tool gallery.