How to Create Beautiful Containers

Pots of flowers incorporated into your flower beds add interest and, on a porch or patio, they create a lovely arrangement that draws the eye to the beautiful colors.  Here are some ideas for you to take with you to the 10th Annual Potting Event at the Garden Center May 10th.


Bring your own pot to the event or buy one there.  Experts will be on hand to help you select plants and fill the pots.  You have many choices from clay, ceramic, plastic lined baskets, plastic, fiberglass and more. Think outside the pot to other items than can hold soil!

When considering what kind of pot to use, consider where you will put it.  If you want to place it and not move it, a larger pot would work.  If you want something easily movable, say into or out of the sun, then choose a lighter pot. You could create a pretty vignette with a large pot, and 3-5 smaller ones in varying sizes.


Your pots can be color coordinated with your house or with the other colors in your garden. If you have some pots that don’t meet your color scheme, it’s easy to spray paint the outside of them. If they are put away out of the weather during the winter, the paint will last several seasons.  If you use a spray primer before painting them, the finish will last even longer.

Filling the Pot

Annuals in pots can be crowded much more than you would in the garden.  The secret formula for a beautiful pot is “thriller, filler, and spiller”. That is to say, you need something tall that really grabs the eye (the thriller) It can be a non-flowering plant or a spectacular blooming one.

The filler consists of those flowers that go in the middle or around the thriller to fill in the space.  These are traditionally shorter than the thriller.

The spiller is whatever spills over the edge of the pot.  With careful placement, you can have a graceful s-curve to your creation, a triangular shape, a C shape or whatever pleases your eye.  Ultimately, whatever looks great to you, is just right!