How to Become a Grillmaster

The first thing in becoming a grill master is to have the right grill.  Consider things like how often do you grill?  Do you like the flavor of charcoal or would a gas grill suit your needs better? Consider what you grill.  Are you simply a meat griller, or do you have a vast array of delicious vegetables and meats that you grill often?

Clean the Grate

 Start with a clean grill. Leftover bits of meat and vegetables aren’t going to enhance your food.  An easy way to clean is to brew a full pot of coffee.  Pour it into a basin and soak your grill grates for 60-75 minutes.  Give them a quick scrub; rinse with warm water and they’ll be good as new.

Grilling Basics

Oil the grate with a paper towel soaked in olive oil. This will help keep chicken, fish, and port from sticking to the grill.  You can also oil the meat and vegetables before adding to the grate.  If you’re using propane, make sure you have enough fuel to last till the food is cooked.

Handling the Food

Always use tongs to move food around on the grill. Piercing with a fork drains the juices.  Use a basket or grill clips for small items like carrots and cut up zucchini.  Grill water-based vegetables like bell peppers and onions directly over the heat but put dense vegetables like sliced potatoes or eggplant far away from the heat on the edges of the grate.

Grill Marks

Cross hatch grill marks are the grill master’s signature.  To prepare steaks, rub with olive oil, salt and pepper, place the steaks on the grill and let cook for a few minutes.  Using tongs, turn the food 90 degrees and cook a few minutes more.  Turn over and repeat on the other side.  When finished, place on a plate or board and let rest a few minutes before cutting.