Grilling Tools and Accessories

Having the right tools can make grilling a much more efficient task, and with some of the latest technological gadgets you could even control what is happening at the grill from your smart phone.

Grill Sets

If you are a serious grill master, you will have a set of tools to handle what’s cooking on the grill. You can buy the tools individually or buy a set that includes several.  Some basics are a fork, a basting brush, sharp knife, spatula, and tongs (best or meats like steak and chicken so juices don’t run out).  Stainless steel will last you the longest and be easy to clean and you may want a steak thermometer also.

Baskets & Racks

Depending on what you grill, you may want some grill baskets to keep food from falling through the grate.  There are round baskets with lids, square connected racks, and skillet like pans with holes in them to allow heat in.  Baskets are great for chopped vegetables, shrimp, tomatoes and other small items.  The racks are great for corn, lobster, chicken fingers, and whole fish.

Mats and Grates

Mats are great when you are camping or just want to grill foods you wouldn’t normally grill like bacon, eggs, or pancakes.  A cast iron sear grate lets you get grill marks on your food without having to rotate it.  You can even find stainless steel steam trays to use on the grill.

Bluetooth Thermometer

These interesting thermometers connect with your smart phone through Bluetooth and with the application, let you monitor what’s happening on the grill from a distance, but it only works if your signal remains active.  Most Bluetooth thermometers come with one probe, but you can usually buy additional ones to add so that you know which one is in which piece of meat when you are grilling different meats.


If your grill stays outside, you may want to consider a water resistant cover to protect it from the weather.  Grill covers can block dirt, water and sun from your gas grill and come in a variety of fabrics like polyester and marine grade outdoor