Planting Vegetables in the Front Yard

Maybe your best garden plot space is too shady or you don’t have much back yard or you just don’t want all the work of a separate garden plot.  If you have full sun or part shade in your front yard landscape, you can plant vegetables there and not have to develop a whole separate garden plot.


If you have a trellis where plants get cut back in spring, like clematis, you could plant green peas that will vine up the trellis and be harvested before your clematis needs the trellis.


Do you have a spot around your roses?  Roses love carrots, which mature in about 65 days.  Select a variety that doesn’t grow too tall and space seeds about every 4 inches. Other vegetables that work well with roses and in the landscape are beets, cabbage, kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, radishes, and smaller varieties of chilies and sweet peppers.

Colorful Foliage

Vegetables with beautiful foliage are also a great choice for the front yard landscape.  Some varieties of lettuce like Red Sails have purple leaves and Swiss chard (Rainbow Chard) has rainbow colored stems and beautiful green leaves.  Kale comes in a variety of colors and leaf shapes from light green to deep purple. Cardinal Basil has purple flowers and Red Rubin Basil has beautiful bluish-purple leaves.

Plant Shapes

Some vegetables have such a great shape that you could use them to border a flower bed.  Green bush beans and basil work very well when planted closer together and lettuce would make a great border.  Kale and chard work great outside a fence.

So, if you’re not familiar with what some vegetable plants look like, find a friend or farmer and visit their gardens.  You can find ideas for something that would fit in your landscape and it will provide fresh produce.  After all, you’re going to be watering your flowers and shrubs anyway, so after planting, your vegetables won’t require much more work.