Storing Your Garden Tools

If your garden tools are stuffed in a garbage can or spread all over the garage like mine, you may want to build a rack to keep them more organized.


Lay your tools down on the floor with the widest ends spaced so they don’t touch each other.  Make a note of the distance between handles.  Buy a 1×8 pine board for the shelf and a 2×4 for the support.  You’ll also need an additional 1×8 or some scrap lumber to make the brackets.  Lay out the widest board and mark lines where the handles will fall.  Then make a mark on the line 4 inches in from the edge if the board on each line.  Now mark lines 2 inches to either side of those lines.


Using a 2 inch hole saw, place the center of the hole saw on your mark.  Cut a hole at each line.  With a hand saw or table saw, cut on each of the outer lines so the cut ends up on the side of the circle.

Putting it Together

Glue the 2 inch edge of the 2×4 to the uncut underside of the board you just cut and screw it into place. The 2×4 serves as a brace under the shelf. From another scrap of lumber, cut enough triangular bracket supports so you can place one every 2 feet.  The supports should be 2-3 inches on one side and 4 inches on one side so the smaller side will fit on the 2X4 under the shelf.  Glue the supports to the 2×4 and the 1×8 avoiding placing them where the tool handles will hang.  Drill holes in the back of the 2×4 and screw the brackets to the 2×4.

Hang It

Screw the 2×4 to the wall using screws through the pre-drilled holes.  Now you can hang your tools and get them organized.  Here’s a video of the process so you can see how this is done.

Before you store your tools in the fall, take a few minutes to clean them first.  Spray off any dirt.  Use a wire brush and vinegar to remove any rust and let the tools dry thoroughly before hanging.  You can also protect them with a little motor oil rubbed on with a rag.