Storing Garden Tools

If you’re like me, your garden tools are either stacked in a messy corner or laying around waiting to be stepped on.  I ran across these great, easy to build storage ideas and wanted to share them with you. They’re really simple and inexpensive and will get those tools organized.

From left to right in the picture above:

Cut slanted slots in four 2x4s and attach them to the wall.  You’ll need as many slots as you have tools to store.  This method makes the tools easy to remove from the rack and easy to see. So that you put everything back where it started, put a label on each section to identify the tool that belongs there.

Next across the top, use a six or eight-inch wide board and cut grooves large enough to all you to slide the largest handle into the groove.  The shelf can be supported with another board, or brackets.

On the right, this idea uses four 2x4s, some 3-in PVC pipe, a saw, some construction glue, and nails or screws.  Build a base with two boards, then move up about four inches and attach another board for the bottom PVC pipes to attach to.  The fourth board goes at the upper level.  PVC pipes are cut on an angle to allow easy removal.

Bottom left has used a plywood backing and attached the PVC pipe holders directly to the plywood.  This method could also be used if your garage is finished with sheet rock.  The PVC pipes can be labeled to identify the tools that hang there.

The bottom center picture shows 2x4s cut to length and attached to one side of the studs.  Tools then sit in the spaces between those 2x4s.

Whether you use vertical or horizontal storage racks, these ideas save space and eliminate the bundle of tangled handles and bases that you may have when tools are bunched together.