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If you have heavy clay soil that just won’t grow anything, raised garden beds are the way to go. Raised beds can go anywhere and be made from many material such as lumber, blocks, straw bales, water troughs, bricks, etc.  If you have trouble bending down, raised beds allow you to garden at waist height, […]

Ways to Preserve Extra Tomatoes

After a while, you’ve eaten all the fresh tomatoes you can stand, so what do you do with all the rest?  Well, preserving them is one way. Canning Tomatoes contain acid, so you can remove the skin, cut them up into chunks, pack them in a Ball jar, and process the jars in a water […]

What Riding Lawn Mower is Best for You?

If you’ve been trying to keep a large lawn mowed with a walk-behind mower, fall is a great time to think about upgrading to a riding mower.  There are some very good buys on riding mowers now, but determining what works best for you can be confusing. Lawn Tractors – Tractor type mowers do more […]

What’s Affecting My Tomato Plants?

This is the time of year when your tomato plants may start showing signs of disease.  Here’s a summary of what might be affecting your plants. Septoria Leaf Spot:  In the picture above, the tomato leaves are yellowing and have brown spots on them.  The leaves eventually become totally brown and shrivel up.  There is […]

Storing Your Garden Tools

If your garden tools are stuffed in a garbage can or spread all over the garage like mine, you may want to build a rack to keep them more organized. Organizing Lay your tools down on the floor with the widest ends spaced so they don’t touch each other.  Make a note of the distance […]

Storing Food From the Garden

Whether you grow your own garden produce, buy it at the local farmer’s market, or are gifted with produce from gardening friends, keeping that fresh, often organic food for later use is a smart idea. Canning Two safe ways to can food are the water bath method and the pressure canner method. The water bath […]

Maintaining the August Garden

As the growing season winds down in August, you may want to include a few cleanup chores so you won’t have such a large job at the end of the season. Pull Plant Material For any vegetables that have completed their production, remove them from the garden and put in the compost pile if they […]

Dividing Perennials in Summer

If you’re needing some extra plants, dividing the overgrown ones you have is a good way to increase your stock.  While not all plants fare well when divided in the summer (see reference), daylilies, hosta’s, liriope, and coral bells can be successfully divided and replanted in their new spots. Caution! There is one caution to […]

Wading Pools as Raised Garden Beds

If you have limited space for a traditional garden or a raised bed garden, you might consider kids wading pools as raised beds.  You might even find some on sale very soon. In the picture above, the owners have built a rooftop garden with these pools. Growing on Concrete or Grass It’s a crazy idea, […]

Homemade Soil Test Kit

If you garden, you may notice some plants aren’t doing so well about this time of the year.  Sometimes the plants just don’t like the soil they are planted in.  Very compacted clay soil can form a hard to penetrate surface and plants can’t get enough roots or nutrients to grow. Lab Test Of course, […]