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Preparing Summer Tools and Gear for Winter

It’ll soon be time to put away your summer tools and fun-time accessories for winter and they do need a little cleaning and care before putting away. Garden Hoses and Outdoor Faucets – Remove hoses from faucets and drain completely.  Roll up the hose carefully and secure with tape or rope.  Hoses winter over best […]

Improving Garden Soil in Fall

As plants mature, they use up a lot of nutrients from the soil, so putting back some of those nutrients for the next crop is one way to ensure successful gardening every year.  Fall is the best time to add amendments so they have a chance to be broken down by microbes over the winter. […]

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Before snow flies, you may want to winterize your home to lower heating costs and keep the cold out. Give Your Heating System A Tune Up Your heating system works more efficiently if it is clean, lubricated and properly adjusted.  Once in the fall and once in the spring will keep it working at top […]

Which Kind of Leaf Blower Works Best for You?

As the leaves start falling, we’re all looking for easy ways to deal with them.  Some people rake them up into paper bags and let the city deal with them.  Some people burn them. Others shred them and put them in the compost pile.  Whichever one is your favorite method, a leaf blower can come […]

Fall Lawn Care

Keep Mowing.  Your lawn may start to grow again in the cooler temperatures of fall, so continue mowing as needed until freezing temperatures arrive.  If you bag the grass clippings, they are invaluable for adding nitrogen to compost piles. You can also leave some on the grass to decompose and add nutrients to the lawn. […]

Storing Garden Tools

If you’re like me, your garden tools are either stacked in a messy corner or laying around waiting to be stepped on.  I ran across these great, easy to build storage ideas and wanted to share them with you. They’re really simple and inexpensive and will get those tools organized. From left to right in […]

Plant Bulbs Now for Spring Blooms

I’ve always breathed a sigh of relief when the daffodils start coming up because I know that spring is right around the corner.  Fall is the best time to plant spring blooming bulbs.  They need the winter cold to get ready to bloom.  Bulbs get their energy from the foliage, so don’t cut it back […]

Putting the Garden to Bed

Pictures Take pictures of all your vegetable and flower beds before you start fall cleanup.  Having a reference to where you planted everything this year will make rotating crops much easier next year.  For flower beds, you may want to put in something new next year or plant the same thing again, and having a […]

Don’t Burn All The Leaves!

Organic matter that shredded leaves provide when added to your soil is packed with trace minerals that the tree draws up from deep in the earth.  Leaves are one of the best sources for improving your soil whether for gardens or flower beds and fall is the best time to add them. Chop Them Up […]

What Fresh Produce Does For You

Just thought you’d like to know what some of the produce at the upcoming 9th Annual Produce Sale on Saturday and Sunday can do for you besides tasting fantastic. Peaches – This delicious fruit is perfect to freeze, can, make jam and jellies, pies, and cobblers.  One raw peach has 50 calories, 15 grams carbohydrates, […]