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Winter Herb Garden

It’s so convenient to have fresh herbs in the kitchen in winter. As you prepare food for your family, you can just go over to the window and snip some fresh basil or oregano or cilantro to bring flavor and freshness to your dishes. Growing herbs indoors is fairly easy if you have some medium […]

Winter Seed Sowing

I just returned from a Caribbean cruise, and oh what fun!  But play time is over and I’m back in the cold and snow.  Went to the post office to collect my mail and there were no less than fifteen seed catalogs waiting for me among the junk mail.  I spent a pleasant afternoon perusing […]

Winter Projects

Now that the holidays are ending, it’s time to think about all those little projects that you didn’t have time to finish before. With all the snow outside, you can spend time inside nice and warm and paint those rooms that are needing a refresh, or fix that leaky faucet, or maybe you just need […]

All About FrogTape

If you’re doing some painting projects in your home this winter, you may be asking which tape to use to mask off areas you don’t want painted like door and window frames, and baseboards. Or maybe you are getting creative and painting stripes or geometric designs on the wall. What Is It? Whatever your project, […]

Insulate Windows and Doors to Keep Out Cold Drafts

If you didn’t insulate your windows before winter set in, and you’re feeling some drafts from the windows and doors, there are still things you can do to minimize the cold air coming into the house. Window Insulation Film  Window insulation film is available to use indoors.  These kits usually include plastic shrink film that […]

Different Ways to Roast a Turkey

If your Thanksgiving turkey was a little on the dry side, check out these ways to make it tender, juicy, and delicious for Christmas dinner. Brining Brining is the process of soaking the turkey in a solution of liquid (wine, chicken broth, or water), sugar, and salt. The turkey is placed in a large stock […]

Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Maybe you are one of those people who shop all year and don’t have the last minute rush to find gifts for everyone, but if not, here are some gift ideas for everyone on your list. For the Cooks in Your Life:   Anyone who loves to cook will love these items:  cookie cutters, electric krumkaka […]

Taking Care of Your Real Christmas Tree

No one will argue with the fact that artificial trees with fiberoptic lights already strung are more convenient, but you don’t get the scent of pine, fir, or spruce and your family tradition may just include a real tree. When you use a fresh cut real tree, water is the most important element in keeping […]

Fresh Cut and Living Christmas Trees

Fresh cut and living trees are the ones you usually find at the garden center. Living trees come with a root ball wrapped in burlap and can be planted outside after Christmas. The most frequently requested Christmas trees, as reported by growers across the US, are Scotch pine, Douglas fir, White pine and Balsam fir […]

Caring for Indoor Plants in Winter

Plants grown inside, whether they always live indoors or you bring them in to winter over require certain things to remain healthy and green. Essentials for Healthy Plants Light – Place your plants in a sunny, preferably south facing window. Even plants that can’t take direct sun will enjoy the winter light from the south. […]