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Garden Tool Series – Rakes

The are several styles of rakes that perform different jobs. Whether you want to pick up leaves, level the soil, spread rocks or mulch, or smooth out the garden for planting, there is a rake that will make the job go faster. Bow Rake The bow rake, comes with varying numbers of tines spaced about […]

Garden Tool Series – Hoes

There are long-handled hoes and short hand-held hoes and they both perform several functions. Draw Hoe A draw hoe’s heavy, broad blade and straight edge is set at right angles to the handle and is probably the most familiar for gardening. It chops into the ground and draws the soil toward the user or pushes […]

Garden Tool Series – Forks

Garden Forks Garden forks, called spading forks, or digging forks, have many uses.  Garden forks have short handles with shorter, flatter, thicker, and tines spaced fairly close together.  They are used mostly for lifting potatoes and other root crops from the ground.  They also come in handy using two together, back to back, to separate […]

Garden Tool Series – Shovels

A digging shovel is the only one that I have and I use it for everything, but I recently learned about other shovels that do some jobs better. Digging Shovel The digging shovel is a good all around shovel for lawn and garden work and comes in a long or short-handled version. It’s a versatile […]

Removing Rust from Garden Tools

If your garden tools are looking rusty, you have several options for cleaning them and restoring the metal. Commercial Remedy WD-40 has been used successfully to remove rust from tools.  Spray the rusty area with a little WD-40 and scrub with No. 1 steel wool.  Once the rust is removed, rinse away the steel wool […]

Perennials for Season Long Color

Perennial plants that come back every year require less maintenance, which is a good thing.  The downside is that many only bloom for a short period of time. You can have continuous color all season long by planting perennials in your flower beds that bloom at different times of the season, so something is blooming […]

Spring Care for House Plants

Your house plants have been breathing dry, heated, indoor air all winter, so show them a little love in the spring and give them a new lease on life.  Many house plants will slow down or stop growth in winter, but when spring arrives and days are longer, they will perk up and start growing […]

Building a Cold Frame

Spring is right around the corner and having a cold frame can give you a place to get plants off to an early start.  A cold frame is a box, usually with the back higher than the front, and with an old window or clear covering on top.  The covering is hinged to allow access […]

Caring for Seedlings

Seeds planted in damp seed starting material shouldn’t need more water until they show green and start growing. If you’ve covered your seed trays with a clear plastic cover, or plastic wrap, they should stay plenty moist, but check your seed trays weekly for moisture after a couple of weeks. A spritz of water from […]

When to Plant Seeds

Planting vegetable and flower seeds indoors to get a head start on garden plants is a good idea if you like gardening, have limited funds, or want a large volume of plants.  If you only need a few plants and you’d like quick and easy, buying transplants at the garden center may be best for […]