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Wading Pools as Raised Garden Beds

If you have limited space for a traditional garden or a raised bed garden, you might consider kids wading pools as raised beds.  You might even find some on sale very soon. In the picture above, the owners have built a rooftop garden with these pools. Growing on Concrete or Grass It’s a crazy idea, […]

Homemade Soil Test Kit

If you garden, you may notice some plants aren’t doing so well about this time of the year.  Sometimes the plants just don’t like the soil they are planted in.  Very compacted clay soil can form a hard to penetrate surface and plants can’t get enough roots or nutrients to grow. Lab Test Of course, […]

What is Chalked Paint?

Not to be confused with chalkboard paint, chalked paint has become very popular in recent years.  It is a water-based paint originated by Annie Sloan (trademark name is Chalk Paint) and marketed by many other companies today under different but similar names.  Chalked paint comes in both brush on and spray on applications.  In most […]

Hanging Baskets Looking a Little Tired?

About this time each year, plants in hanging baskets start to look a little less than perfect.  Being confined in such a small space, they can run out of air and food, so they may need a little help from you to continue to shine for the rest of the season. Watering Consistent watering is […]

Keeping Your Tomato Plants Healthy

By now your tomatoes should be putting on some green fruit so it’s the perfect time to make sure they are healthy and stay that way. Mulch Ideally, you will have put a 2-3 inch cover of straw on your tomatoes when you planted them.  If you didn’t, it’s not too late.  Mulching prevents water […]

Planting Vegetables in the Front Yard

Maybe your best garden plot space is too shady or you don’t have much back yard or you just don’t want all the work of a separate garden plot.  If you have full sun or part shade in your front yard landscape, you can plant vegetables there and not have to develop a whole separate […]

Planting Vegetables in July

If you’ve missed out on planting a vegetable garden this year, or if the garden you planted is beginning to slow down, it’s not too late to plant a second crop for fall harvesting. The month of July is an excellent time to plant vegetables that will mature in 50-70 days because they will have […]

Fantastic Tomatoes

I’m starting to see little yellow flowers on my tomato plants, so it’s time to get out the Epsom salts and fertilizer so I’ll have tons of delicious tomatoes in a few weeks. Epsom Salts Why Epsom salts, you might ask.  Epsom salts improve flower blooming and enhance a plant’s green color.  It is made […]

Where Did Barbecue Originate?

No one really knows for sure where barbeque came from, but the theory is that Spanish ships visiting the Caribbean called the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wood platform barbacoa. By the 19th century, the tradition had made its way to the American South and because pigs were plentiful, pork became the primary […]

Get Out of the Kitchen Quicker

With the weather heating up, most of us don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen every day, but there are ways to shortcut food preparation that will get you out of the kitchen quickly. Do Ahead Ingredient Prep Take time to chop, slice, and dice vegetables you use frequently like onions, peppers, radishes, celery, […]