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Grilling Tools and Accessories

Having the right tools can make grilling a much more efficient task, and with some of the latest technological gadgets you could even control what is happening at the grill from your smart phone. Grill Sets If you are a serious grill master, you will have a set of tools to handle what’s cooking on […]

Crop Rotation in the Home Garden

Plan to practice crop rotation. That is, don’t plant vegetables in the same place where you planted them last year. Each vegetable uses different minerals in the soil, so planting the same vegetables in the same spot each year will provide you with weaker slower producing vegetables as the soil won’t have the needed nutrients. […]

How to Become a Grillmaster

The first thing in becoming a grill master is to have the right grill.  Consider things like how often do you grill?  Do you like the flavor of charcoal or would a gas grill suit your needs better? Consider what you grill.  Are you simply a meat griller, or do you have a vast array […]

Companion Planting in the Garden

The Iroquois used the earliest known method of companion planting when they grew what is called the Three Sisters, the practice of planting corn, beans and squash together.  They knew that these plants were compatible with each other and each one provided nutrition that the others needed. Corn needs plenty of nitrogen to thrive and […]

Raised Row Garden

Would you like to have a low-maintenance garden with no tilling each spring, very few weeds to spend hours pulling, and growing beds that only need a topping with compost to be ready to plant? Building the Rows If you said yes to a low maintenance garden, then you are in for a treat.  Instead […]

Summer Lawn Care

Bare Patches Any patches of your lawn that have not survived the winter, or the family dogs, may need to be reseeded.  Remove any dead grass from the spot, rake the dirt gently to allow seeds to settle into the soil, spread your seed, water well, and cover with straw to keep birds out of […]

How to Transplant Perennials

If you have perennials that have gotten too big or need to be moved to another location, here are some tips to make sure they transfer without too much trauma. Timing Spring is the ideal time to transplant fall-blooming perennials and ornamental grasses.  Fall is the best time to transplant spring blooming perennials.  This gives […]

Build Great Garden Soil

The most important element of any successful garden is the soil. Soil is composed of clay, loam, sand, or a combination of all three.  Clay soil is nutrient rich but lacks easy drainage. Loamy soil is considered ideal because if retains some moisture but doesn’t let plant roots get soggy.  Sandy soil doesn’t retain water at […]

Hardening Off Seedlings

If you’ve grown some vegetables from seed, you will need to slowly introduce them to the weather outside a couple of weeks before time to plant so they can get used to the wind, rain, and weather outside. You may have raised your seedlings indoors under lights, in a sunny window, or in a greenhouse, […]

Getting Gardens Ready for Summer

May is the perfect time to make sure your vegetable garden and flower beds are ready for summer.  Get started by inspecting your garden tools, cleaning and sharpening them as needed.  You may already need to mow grass and your mower should be in top form. Do a Soil Test If you’re not sure what […]